Pit Bull Faith

No, I don’t mean this one:I meant one of these:There are a number of wonderful messages being shared each day. Perhaps I am partial to my own faith folks (who isn’t?), but today’s message by Pastor Eric Jarmon was on Luke 11 and it was not to be missed.His pre-sermon comment stuck with me:

The devil comes after the shepherd to scatter the sheep.

That’s Biblical but it’s life, every day. When someone (like the head of the house) passes on, some people scatter. Their lives never look the same. They lose faith.As if the shepherd was the source of their faith.Pastor Eric talked about holding tight to our faith in all circumstances (this was only a smidge of the message — go look for the #InkChurch on #Periscope and catch the replay) and it made me think of a pit bull (the second photo). When a pit bull grabs onto its prey, it is nearly impossible to get it to release.Unless it is trained.May God train me to have a pit bull grip on Him. May God train me to release those things that should not have a hold on me anyway.And may my eyes stay focused on the Shepherd, no matter what, even as my Earth-bound leader has gone to glory.

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