Just a Quick Interlude …

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nONOuNEhhEActually it is.My birthday, I mean.No, really — it’s today.Wait! Before you crack your knuckles and prepare to write me that special birthday poem in iambic pentameter in the comments, I didn’t post to get your gray matter cooking.I haven’t been posting every day for a while and I’m not saying that I will start back.Not saying I won’t, either, but I needed to get something out of my head.It’s a weird day as you can imagine, but let me tell you more:One of the last conversations I had with my Christopher was about my birthday. He told me on Sunday or Monday that if he was still in the hospital on my birthday that he wanted me to hold a few dollars out of his paycheck (he typically gave his bank card to me to just dash off and pay bills, buy groceries, put gas in the vehicle …) so he could buy me something. I told him that I wasn’t thinking about a birthday (we are on the phone … he was in the hospital … I was home). He responded by telling me how difficult I was to buy gifts for. I said, ‘Thank you.’ We laughed.And then he was Gone.If he weren’t, I would still be fussing with him about this birthday business.To the point: his birthday was 18 December. Ask me if he wanted me to buy him something. Go on and ask — I’ll wait.That’s right: didn’t want me to buy a thing.Tit for tat, right?I think about one of our favorite Twilight Zone episodes, The Hunt.  Old man, I hope the fishing is fine and if you have access to the Interwebz, I’m still fussing about you wanting to buy me a gift. Wish you were right here so I could hear your laugh …

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