The Funk’s My Only Issue

You crazy like that glue …

It’s funny, the things that come to mind sometime. The title of this post and the quote above are from a tune called ‘Flava In Ya Ear’ by rapper Craig Mack.When it broke, I think I played the grooves off my 12-inch version. The tune was hypnotic and Mack wrote some of the tightest lines imaginable.Not to mention he started by talking about ‘The Jetsons’ — specifically, Uniblab:, tho? That’s brilliance!Anyway, the local celebration for my Christopher was today. It was lovely and I am so grateful for my friends and neighbors who came out. A surprise: one of the people who knew Christopher from youth and lived in the town where we used to in New Jersey was there. He lives in LA now. The world gets smaller every day. He told stories of how Christopher started with music and how the bands he played in made an impression across the lower tri-state area.One of our adopted daughters, who learned African Dance (and more) from him, has lived in SoCal for nearly 15 years now. She talked about how back our little South Jersey town of Salem, Christopher brought hope to kids and their parents, many of whom had nowhere else to find it.We have volunteered with the Great Church and their pastor stood to speak. He rarely does so at primarily English-language events since his first language is Korean. However, he proudly talked about Christopher.There were songs, there were tears, there were laughs. It was a good day.So, where does Craig Mack come in?After we got back home and changed out of our dressy, appropriate for a homegoing celebration clothing, I went back out to the store. It seemed that everywhere I looked, there were Suburban SUVs.My Christopher has one. It needs to go in the shop as it has not run for a number of months. However, I saw GMCs and Chevrolets of nearly the same year, everywhere I went.It’s a meaty truck and one needs tunes with good beats and fantastic riffs when it is driven.I often have the news station from Sirius XM on in my sedan: you don’t do that in Big Blue. It’s a truck in which the funk is the only issue.When Blue’s back on the road, one of the first songs I will play is this one. At top volume. I will rock my neck and raise a fist. I will smile and probably will cry, thinking about how Christopher laughed and shook his head at me for my love of this song.But it’s only fitting that the first thing that plays will rattle the hinges for him. Because he’s crazy like that glue that holds me together even now. 

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