VisDare 129: Browsing

“There are a number of factors to consider before committing.” The Matchmaker’s tone sounded more like a warning than a reminder.Basil was anxious and tried not to let the movements of his hands and eyes give it away. “I understand,” he answered. Stopping, he glanced at the two, who appeared to look at one another lovingly.The Matchmaker smiled. “Those two come as a set. They were partners and part of the bargain is that they would stay together, after.””I’m decided,” Basil said.”One’s enough, eh?” The Matchmaker said and laughed. “Very well. She comes with explicit directions. Plant, water, tend. Do anything else and the results will be … less than pleasing.”Basil swallowed. “I understand.”

96e66edbd272c2c0c33642e7dc1bd064I have a confession:I’ve been back at the fantastic VisDare prompts for a few weeks now. Our host has not added a Linky tool yet for the newest iterations and has encouraged us to post in the comments to each week’s prompt, which is very handy. However, if I do that, I forget to share the prompt and subsequently, my take on it.To that end, I’ve decided to go back to posting here and adding a link there. Selfish? Probably.I offer 118 words for this week’s prompt. Click the photo to visit and add your own.

8 responses to “VisDare 129: Browsing”

  1. I do the same thing (post at my blog and link in Visdare’s comments). I don’t think it’s a problem… everybody gets what they want 🙂


    1. 🙂 Exactly. I used to post here first and link over, but stopped when the prompts began again this year. I decided, since I don’t offer my own prompts anymore, that I would get back to posting here again 🙂


  2. I like the way the “couple” behind the closed glass door are looking at each another. LOL is one of them saying, “We’ll wait until after dark, and then make a run for it. But this time, we unhook one another from the railing first.” 😉


    1. Seems right to me, Lyn!


  3. A very creepy version of the mail-order bride…or maybe my mind’s just in the gutter! 😀


    1. Thanks, Nortina! That’s a great assessment of this ‘shopper’!


  4. Absolutely not a problem! The link/comment decision was made to accomodate the greatest number of people possible. Links are good. Direct posts are good. It’s all good!And I love love love this entry. Now I need to know more about all the ways Basil’s matchmaking experiement could go wrong! The Matchmaker himself seems very Puck-ish, the kind of person who would not tell you about all the conditions until it was too late. 🙂


    1. Agreed! I don’t think I’d want to meet the Matchmaker on a bright day or in a dark alley … puck-ish indeed! 😀


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