One Week Until Camp Transformation

 Photo courtesy: The Camp Transformation Center - RedlandsMany who know me may agree that, on certain things, I am already unstoppable. However, I’m about to add to the list.There are many great photos on The Camp TC (Redlands) site, but since I like Iron Man, this seemed most appropriate.So here’s the deal: next Monday, the Transformation begins. I will begin my first 42-day journey at the Center and hope you’ll cheer for me as I embark on an exercise regimen.Others who know me also know that I am no fan of traditional exercise … things …However, having visited the Center, I was moved by the stories and know that it’s the real deal. My friend Lily is a leader there (yep, Lily — I’m calling you out on my blog!) and I know her journey personally. Having to say so-long to my Christopher, after our constant conversations about living to be the oldest people around just so we can annoy those who love us, helped me make my decision. I still want to stick around for a long time, even though I miss him every moment. I know that to do that, I want to be healthier. I work a sedentary job and have sedentary habits. This will break it up in a way that isn’t monotonous.This week, I will be focusing on renewing good habits, particularly as related to sleep cycle and eating. I can’t say my plan is fool-proof, but I believe I can do this thing. I started the day with oil pulling, which I had told myself I was going to get back to some time ago. I also added bit of coconut oil to the monsters’ food bowls, which they love. Nothing like a happy pack in the house. I still have some cereals that I won’t be including in my health plan starting next week, so I’ll finish them. I stopped on my way home from service yesterday and made a mix of mostly mixed greens and mushrooms at the fresh salad bar to have with my meals as well (I do better with salad over hot veggies, so we’ll see). I’ll attend the nutrition class soon to get more insight on the do’s and don’ts to decide how I want to meal plan.And there you have it! I’ll have updates here and on my regular Facebook page as well. 

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