VisDare 136: On The Block Pt. II

As the auctioneer continued to shout about the virtues of the doll-like artificial people, I tried to stop the shivers that threatened to overtake my entire body. ‘What am I doing here?’ I asked myself. I had been walking through the bazaar and fell in-step with a throng of excited patrons. Thinkng that I’d find the best row of bargains as I was jostled along with them, I was shocked to find myself here, staring at the auction block. Next to this … man.One AI was held up by a wrist that looked too thin to support its dangling weight. The scan code in its palm caused me to gasp.’What’s the problem?’I tried to keep a steady tone as I answered the man, whose smile appeared to turn ominous. ‘It seems like they would have put the stamp somewhere less conspicuous. After all, mars the beauty, right?’362fef462fe942b7b70656e0a1a59b14

I am honored that my little piece from last week was chosen as inspiration for this week’s VisDare prompt (click the image to visit). I continue last week’s tale of woe with 149 additional words.

2 responses to “VisDare 136: On The Block Pt. II”

  1. Apart from the forehead, I think the palm of the hand is probably the best place for a slave sign. Every time you hold up your hand, pick something up, hand something to someone, it’s there for all to see. I can see why your story from last week inspired the prompt for this week 😀


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