Life’s Mysteries … Part One

I walked out to my post box, feeling a bit dejected. ‘Will there be anything worth my time in there?’ I wondered. Each step caused me additional trepidation — will there be more notices due? Might I be surprised by an unexpected check?I opened the latch and saw two items: a manila envelope and a political flyer. There was a rip, right down the middle of the face on the image of the flyer. I smiled a bit at that and wondered if it had been purposeful since the particular candidate is presently not a favorite of many.However, the manila envelope was something else entirely. Quite pristine and well sealed. Inside were two letters: each was sealed in a fancy envelope and contained a brief message typed on equally fancy and matching paper. As I tipped the manila to see if it contained anything else, a slip of newspaper encased in plastic fell out.It’s all a mystery, but I welcome the adveture …

Are you intrigued by this 164 word snippet? More to come so stay tuned …

2 responses to “Life’s Mysteries … Part One”

  1. Oooh, Andree, you’ve really got my attention! I have to know what will happen next.


    1. So glad, Lyn 🙂


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