Plovember 12: It’s A Matter of Faith

People have asked me, ‘How can you go to church? It’s full of hypocrites’. Well, probably. But so is the office you work in, the school you attend, and your local coffee shop.I don’t go to church for the people.For those who know me, they know I’m not exactly a ‘people person’.I go to church to learn.Sure, I read the Bible and other related texts. But it helps to have other points of reference. I go to a church that isn’t about ‘religion’ (the purpose of which is to rule the masses). I go to a church that’s about faith.I believe in Jesus and want to do good in the world.Do I agree with everything that’s said up in there? Nope.But it matters not.Are the bits that relate to the Gospel in line? Yep.I do my best to be kind and supportive of the world around me. However, I get angry. I have strong opinions. I make poor choices. I say things that might make your eyebrows go up. I may do things you don’t agree with or even think might not be ‘Christian-like’. Cool.Because I’m not saying or doing them for you.I’m saying or doing them because that’s how God made me.Quirky, weird, laugh out loud, me.And there you have it.nanopoblano2016nablopomo_badge_2016

2 responses to “Plovember 12: It’s A Matter of Faith”

  1. Got no time for “religion,” but faith is another thing altogether 😉


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