Plovember 28: Another Brilliant Idea

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Despite their protestations, I knew it was possible. I hadn’t told them everything because I knew they had no way of understanding my thoughts. It mattered not that my other ideas had yielded great abundance for my people, yet they dismissed my abilities. Each time I had an epiphany, it was usually identified as ‘yet another episode’. They had no qualms about benefitting from my ‘episodes’ and this time would be no different.
The technician called me ‘mad’ the moment I shared my latest brilliant idea, insisting it was impossible. I’d run the calculations many times and knew, without a doubt, it was possible.
I hope you get this note. There’s nothing out of the ordinary in it since I know they will read it and redact anything untoward should I have included it. I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.
I am doing well and they haven’t mistreated me this time. I have been fed well — not as good as yours, but tasty enough to keep me alive. I will look forward to getting out in 10 or 12 years, after I finish writing out the plans completely. They’ve already said I can’t leave until I’ve done that.
When I get home, I hope you’ll still be there.
I promise this time I’ll keep my brilliant ideas to myself.
Sometimes it is not a good thing to share one’s epiphanies. I worry about revealing mine from time to time. But not here and not now because I was asked to share. Sort of. The word epiphany was sent along by our own DiAnne Ebejer, who can be found, not in captivity but wildly writing at diannesthingsat.wordpress.comDo stop by and say hello, won’t you? Thanks for your word, DiAnne!


5 responses to “Plovember 28: Another Brilliant Idea”

  1. Oooh I love my word story! It’s fabulous! When you get home I shall still be here. How could I not! 😊


    1. So glad you liked it, DiAnne! ❤


  2. Oh yes, this is a great story! My mind is going every which way wondering what might happen next 😀


    1. Then my work is done here!


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