Plovember 29: Citizens United

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The alarm sounded, but it was already too late. By the time citizens were awakened by the notification, the virus had already been spread. Each slowly made their way to the central hall to hear about next steps from the leaders. They filed in quietly, hoping to get the cure as soon as possible. It took nearly five hours for all the inhabitants to arrive.
The last group to arrive were not as quiet as the first. They walked with a limp and seemed to have physical tics. It was disruptive and soon, the 20 or so who were most affected had been quarantined. The leaders arrived and began passing around vials filled with a thick glowing substance. ‘Citizens — do not be alarmed. Taking this solution by mouth will enable you to recover from the effects of the virus. it will take three days to work completely. Until that time, work details are cancelled to avoid further contamination.’
The leaders nodded and a team of technicians in hazard suits approached the quarantine arena. They entered and closed the blast doors behind them. Moments later, there was a flash of light around the edges of the doors. One of the leaders spoke. ‘Let us remember those who sacrificed their lives for the greater good. Now, return to your domiciles. The all-clear will be sounded in three days, at which time our regular schedules will commence once again.’
Yes, the naming of this post was purposeful. Those who know me know that I believe in freedom. However, I will leave it to you to take from the possible implications what you will, particularly if you don’t know about the organization the post is named after. But this is not a political post. Or is it?
You decide.
Today’s word comes courtesy of Julie Burton, who maintains the universe at Bug Bytes. Pop over and give it a read. Thanks, Julie!


4 responses to “Plovember 29: Citizens United”

  1. Oh, this was good. This type of story is one of my favorite genres. I’d love to hear a longer version of this if the inspiration ever strikes you. 🙂


    1. Glad you enjoyed it!


  2. I’m with CC, this would make a great longer piece. In fact, in some ways it reminds me of one of my favourite YA books “Box” by Penelope Todd, but in reverse. I can highly recommend it for anyone who likes YA/political/medical tales 🙂


    1. That sounds interesting, Lyn!


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