Disaster Averted or How My Blog Imploded For a Minute

Well, it could be seen but there was no way to interact with it.I’m talking about this space, this bloggy space, where I’ve collected much of life.What had happened was …I have no idea. I attempted to log in one day and received a resounding Pffft! No password, no resetting, no cajoling, no yelling — nothing would unlock the top-level if-I-let-you-in-I-will-have-to-kill-you security of WordPress.Therefore I did what any blogger would do.First, I panicked.Then I ignored it, figuring if I backed away quietly when I came back the next time, all would be well.When that didn’t work, I panicked again.I tried to fix it myself. Because, tech nerd.When that didn’t work, I panicked yet again.Lastly, I contacted the support minions at the webhosting planet. They flipped a magic switch and voila! Here we are, back in blog again (sorry Frankie Beverly, sorry Maze).So how you doin?

2 responses to “Disaster Averted or How My Blog Imploded For a Minute”

  1. WordPress has been doing some weird things. I think sometimes in their endeavor to make it more schmick (that’s tech for clever) they sometimes stuff up. Glad you’re back safe and sound 😀


    1. Agreed! Yes — I am so glad that it got straightened round with minimal effort!


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