Need to Invest? I’ve Got the Perfect Thing …

Me.Heya Wednesday, how you doin? I’m pretty zen right now, thanks, despite having a meeting in just over a half-hour and a ton or two of grading to do. But I ‘preciate you asking.There’s lemon lavender essential oils diffusing, I just took a shower in peppermint African black Castille soap, rolled on some Peace, got a first cuppa coffee with some lemon creme cookies (don’t judge), and now I’m with you. But before all that …

Route map for 26 July 2017 by Andree Robinson-Neal on

Almost three miles of beauty and wonder. I decided to medicine-up this morning in addition to wrapping my ankles; it added a certain dimension to the walk, helped me listen to the wind’s advice: Slow. Down. I went the opposite direction from Monday’s meander and found myself thinking of Donald Fagen’s New Frontier as I stood by the piece of the Berlin Wall that sits in the park down in the little canyon by the schoolyard.[embedyt] junior high where my son went when we first came to California is just round the bend from here. The sign out front made me take a deep breath because soon, this morning peace will again be interrupted by late parents barely stopping to sling their children out of car doors on the way to work and noise from the mobs of youth who walk to these places of so-called education each day.I wore a hat, which made me have to tilt back to see the sun.I walked a route I’d never taken before, and decided to explore the parts I’d never been on, even by motor vehicle. It was glorious.Just past the horses I met a man who was walking his dogs. Two mastiffs and a couple others (pit bull? bull dog? chihuahua? Dunno — I was to stuck on the mastiffs); the mastiffs looked like beautiful brown twins. I told him they were lovely as we passed and asked how much they weighed: 110lb. Each. Absolutely fabulous.You’re probably itching to know what any of this has to do with my opening advertisement for an investor, aren’t you? Here it is:I need this place. Problem is, I ain’t got $1.2 million large US right now. But who’s with me? Huh?Picture it:the barn would be perfect for all my tinker projects, like a car or two. It’s got a tennis court, not that I play but it would be fun to draw on with chalk, or something. Heck, if it was mine, I could turn it into a play space with a giant ball and jacks. Anything! And the view … I could work and write to my heart’s content.I’m not greedy. There’s enough space with over 5 acres. There’s an office in the barn and from the description enough additional space that it could almost be a casita.So I’m advertising for that person who’s got some philanthropic funds they need to get rid of. If you hooked me up with, say exactly the $1.2 I could make a cash offer and have a smidge left to make improvements. I would not squander your funds because this spot right here would inspire more productivity than you can imagine. Click on the photo and see what your cash monies would be going for.Go on. I’ll wait here until you get back.Right?! See me on that veranda, taking in the sun-ups and sun-downs, computer at the ready, mechanical pencils and notebooks lined up, students being served in the classes I teach, stories being written …You are catching the vision, I can tell.I’m taking applications so don’t delay. Don’t miss your opportunity to invest in a life, in a dream, in me.I am worth it, honest.

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