Book Arrival — Imminent!

I would say that I am too excited for words, but if you are one of the News Ninjas and you looked at the latest newsletter, you know that is simply untrue.However, since writing and sending it, I have fewer words than before, meaning that this will be a short post.

The newest addition to the publication list is titled ‘Knowing Abbie’ and it will be in print very soon!

I received the Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) day before yesterday and the Ninjas have it in their hot little email boxes (because it is a .pdf, so unless they print it, they can’t have it in their hot little hands … but I digress).I’ll be sharing more, as will the Ninjas, so stay tuned!

7 responses to “Book Arrival — Imminent!”

  1. What Ninjas? What book? Who is Abbie?


    1. I made a post a few weeks back, inviting folks to be a News Ninja to get the word out about my newest release, called ‘Knowing Abbie’. I received the ARC and it’s in the hands of those who signed up. If you’d like to join the group I’d be happy to add your email!


      1. Oooh yes please 🙂


      2. I just sent you two emails but you’ll get future newsletters along with the other Ninjas 🙂


      3. I’m loving Abbie 😀


      4. Oh my it’s been a bit since I’ve come by the Cave. Life has once again intervened. So glad you’ve enjoyed it!


  2. Gottem. Just started listening to Abbie 🙂


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