5 November: Dreams …

The rock was heavy but not: it had a hole in it.In the hole were two small scorpions, pinkish-gray. They were sleeping.I carried the rock around the house and showed the scorpions to the dogs. They were not impressed.The scorpions woke up and the war began — I flung the rock and flapped my hand as the smaller of the two scorpions had crawled out and onto my flesh.I crushed them: one by dropping the rock on it and standing on the rock, the other by stomping.I lifted the rock and saw a dark stain on the rug from where the small scorpion met its demise, its carcass lay crushed to the left of the stain.The second, larger scorpion was in two pieces: it wasn’t real. Its mechanical innards showed like the gears inside a timepiece.And then, I woke up.

6 responses to “5 November: Dreams …”

  1. My wife told me last night how snakes (pythons & constrictors) maybe others too, literally squeeze the life out of their prey. I knew this on some level, but it wasn’t something I think about. Now of course, I can’t stop thinking about it. LOL I am fortunate enough, or not, depending on how you feel about it, to not remember most of my dreams. That was a weird one. I wonder what it means?


    1. From a health point of view, it might mean you aren’t sleeping deeply enough 🙂 About a thousand years ago, I remember reading that in a class — we only dream when we are in deep sleep and we remember them when we are in really deep sleep!


  2. Yikes! When I read that I was like “Wow, what if you had got bitten by those horrible little scorpions!” Then I ‘clocked’ (pun intended) the ending and I thought “Oh thank goodness, what a weird dream!” I wonder if you had read or seen something about scorpions the previous day/few days ago before writing this? These kind of things tend to manifest in my dreams if I have been watching something that is icky or scary and then my dreams mix it all up, especially if I am having a sleepless night. At the very least you managed to crush the scorpions, so that is empowering in your dream 🙂


    1. I do live in scorpion territory so it is possible. Every so often, I have neighbors who post about seeing one. I’ve lived here for 11 years, 12 next summer; I kick myself for not shaking out my shoes when I wear closed ones (most of the time I have sandals or am barefoot), still. The idea of seeing one for real is terrifying. What scares me more is if one of my dogs met one!


  3. Yikes! This one is scary! 🙂


    1. Right?? Needless to say, heart pounds upon waking!


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