16 November: AI – The Creator, Now the Creation

Dr.Hobby made … things. In a future-time when artificial beings were created to do everything from mining to cleaning to babysitting, he took the next step and made David.

Image result for ai artificial intelligence

Visiting the page above, you’ll see a clip from the film where David, Dr. Hobby’s greatest and most tragic creation, is abandoned by his ‘mommy’. It is a weird scene in which Monica (who is, David’s … what shall we call her, his adopted human parent?) plans to take David back to the factory where he was made but instead sets him free in the forest.

I’m sorry I didn’t teach you about the world …

Unfortunately, David wasn’t built with the same understanding that other robots were given. He can’t distinguish between his artificial reality and Monica’s ‘human’ reality.

But in the end, it becomes difficult to gauge who is more ‘human’ — the people or the machines …

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