18 November: Just a Gigolo Joe

I am. I was!

I love that line from Joe.Image result for ai artificial intelligence i am i wasJoe is a pleasure model.Yeah, it is what you think.He is quite corny and quirky, but likable in a way. Maybe because Jude Law played him? Can’t say for sure.Anyway, Joe’s initial scene places him in a room where he attempts to bring, er, comfort to a woman. He explains how being with one of ‘his kind’ will cause her not to want to be with a human ever again. He goes on to tell her that ‘his kind’ are made for her pleasure, not to bring her pain.And yet …There are other scenes in the film where robots do cause pain. But the bottom line is what Joe says … his greatest desire is to be remembered, to be known for existing.To be recognized in the moment and to be remembered — isn’t that what we all want?

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