22 November: Nothing Like an External Conscience

I thought a discussion of the future robots would be the last in my discussion of AI but I realized as I wrote it that I couldn’t walk away without a post for Teddy.Related imageTeddy was like an external conscience. He gave (oft-ignored) suggestions for safety, he warned David of do’s and don’ts. However, as a voice of reason inside a creaking teddy whose timber was similar to grinding metal, it was often tough to imagine really attending to him.After all, he was downright creepy.But to have a conscience outside ourselves that could walk and talk … is that something we will have to prepare for in the future?I do hope not …

2 responses to “22 November: Nothing Like an External Conscience”

  1. The question begs another: if we’re have need for an external conscience, then does that not mean we have lost our humanity and filled the void with mecha?


    1. Oooh! What a wonderful esoteric question! I love it!


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