28 November: Giving Thanks

So the US thanksgiving ‘holiday’ was last week.I don’t capitalize the word ‘thanksgiving’ here because doing so suggests that is what the day is about.Sure, there’s the whole Hallmark sentiment of gathering with good friends, good food, and celebrating what we are thankful for, right? But what is the day supposed to represent?The history lessons in elementary, junior, and high school that I got suggested thanksgiving day was created to celebrate that first meeting between the pilgrims and indigenous folks on this continent. Or something like that.The true history and treatment of indigenous peoples in the US speaks to a different story, one in which those so-called pilgrims were not exactly as accommodating to the people who were here first as the books would like us all to believe.Personally, I do enjoy cooking, eating, and hanging round the house with my loved one. My favorite thanksgiving story? This:Hope your day was groovy.

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