Day 20

I will probably share the weekend journey days on Mondays. Occasionally. It won’t be because I’m behind in the journey but have disconnected to gather myself and remember that I am human. 

Computers can sometimes take that away …

Ephesians 3:16

We all have needs. 

Some are certainly greater than others: my momentary hunger or yearning for that thing I don’t really need is vastly outweighed by the lack of a home that the person dealing with homelessness has.

In the moment though, I tend to forget that.

I want to only think about the Creator’s ‘riches in glory’ that I want. I would much rather pout like a child who feels slighted by not getting what he or she wants, to concentrate on my immediate discomfort or woe, instead of giving a moment of consideration for those who have real needs.

Do I have needs or wants? 

Which are which?

Can I tell? Do I choose to?

Like any Good Parent, the Creator wants to give me those riches. However, like any Good Parent, the Creator does not desire me to become a spoiled brat who is only concerned with her playpen, who refuses to share with others, and who becomes that personage that no one wants to be around.

The possibility exists in me. In all of us.

I am learning to share the riches I have — even when in the moment they seem all too meager. Just as a closed mouth don’t get fed, as the old timers used to say (and as I have been wont to utter, making me now one of the old timers I suppose), a closed fist don’t get filled until it lets go.

I am learning to let go. 

The Creator’s riches are arrayed before me, like the biggest shopping mall ever. Just for me. I am learning to decide what I need and what I want by letting this Good Parent guide me down the aisles and through the shops. I am learning not to discard that which I am given that I think I don’t want but to embrace it as something I might need to put in the hands of another whose needs are much greater than my wants.

2 responses to “Day 20”

  1. I’m loving these posts of yours, AR :)Old Me: Why doesn’t God give me more riches, I’m tired of being poor.New Me: He gives me what I need for me and a bit left over to help my friends. If He gave me anymore than that, He knows I’d probably be selfish and waste it.


    1. Aw! Glad you are enjoying Lyn 🙂 I can completely relate — selfish indeed! I am often most selfish with my time. I’m learning to say ‘yes’ more often when someone asks me to help or show up to something. Ultimately, I look back and realize I was often doing absolutely nothing anyway, so why not? Humans we are a mess!


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