Joy Bird Haiku

It’s about 90 degrees today — lovely. I should be at a beach, toes in sand, but I am too far away to make that happen. As it is Easter weekend, I am sure there are crowds anyway, which would ruin the experience.

That, and it’s due be in the low 60s by Sunday, so what’s the use of driving all that way for just a few hours of ocean?

Probably everything …

But I took a break from reading student papers and went outside for a while. The sun felt lovely and the sky was blue, with a smattering of white-white clouds. There was a little bird on the very top of my dead tree that piped up a little song to the sun and wind every few minutes.

He made me smile and this haiku came to mind.

May it cause you to want the sun on your face, a gentle wind at your back, and the sound of joy in your ears … blessings to you this Passover, Lailatul Barat, and Easter!

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