Come With Me!


I know. You’re wondering what in the world I’ve been up to. Or maybe you don’t care, and that’s fine.

I’m alive, thanks.

In fact, I’ve been writing (cue music of shock and awe). Yes. I mentioned I’ve been trying my hand at screenwriting; I signed up for a video course on it and have been up to my nose in yellow pads and fountain pens, crafting loglines and premises, story outlines, character arcs, and so on. I finished a pilot and the associated story bible for I think ten additional episodes. Here’s hoping it gets nabbed as a web series at least.

I’ve also joined the Vella bandwagon. If you aren’t familiar, Kindle has a new serialized storytelling platform. You can find my piece(s) at I hope you’ll spread the word and come along for the ride.

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