Boom – And I’m Back

Well, that didn’t take too long. Did a bit of tidying, updated some site images, and voila!

I invite you to check out the Quill Has Landed page. As a matter of fact, bookmark it. That’s where you’ll find the published stuff.

I’m prayerful in the coming months that there will be more to see. I’ve left it reader-friendly (took down those ‘look at me’ cover shots … ew. Why’d y’all let me do that?) and you can click on the links to access the sites where these items are available. The Amazon link will take you to my author page, while the FastPencil, Pure Slush, and other links yet to be added (I’m speaking it/writing it into the universe) will send you off to the works in which mine are included.

In the meantime, if you are in the U.S., take a moment to say a prayer or pour a libation for our Native brothers and sisters to recognize the lands on which we call home or have lived on. Recognize that we must continually interrogate our history to ensure its accurate represented.

Currently, my household sits on the territory of the Yuhaaviatam/Maarenga’yam (Serrano) in San Bernardino, CA.

My former home sits on the territory of the Lənape Haki-nk (Lenni-Lenape people in Southern NJ.

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